Prioritizing 101

Monday, September 2, 2013

High school is an overwhelming four years. As you are entering the world of AP classes and college applications, things become a bit more complicated than having one worksheet for homework. High school, like any point in life, is all about balance. Finding an even medium between good grades, sleeping, and a social life is difficult but attainable.

At this point in your life, weighing your priorities is a constant must. Should you study for your big chemistry test or go to a party? If it is a Monday night, get ready for a fun night in with your index cards and highlighters. On the other hand, if it is a Friday, you may be able to afford a fun night out as long as you make sure to study Saturday and Sunday. The most common issue when it comes to high school students is the lack of balance. They give one hundred percent of their attention to getting a 4.0 GPA or they spend the time partying and going to football games. Believe it or not, neither one of those is healthy if you don’t have a bit of the other. You can maintain good grades while making time for your friends as well. A few fun nights here and there is not going to make your A and F. Without balance, you are bound to burn out.

Remember the days when you had a kindergartener’s outlook on sleep? In the matter of a few years sleep went from a punishment to a luxury. Despite constantly wanting to sleep, teenagers rarely hit their pillows early enough. As one thinks about how they should go to bed, they are probably scrolling through Tumblr or checking Facebook. Don’t worry because I understand you are going to put your phone down… right after the next Tweet. Time gets away from you so fast and our bodies are forced to face the wrath of it. Eight hours of sleep a night is unrealistic but so is two. Shoot for seven, settle for six, and never get less than five. How can you increase your snooze time? Do your homework as soon as you get home from school. Starting three hours worth of homework at 11 is foolish. If your friends are keeping you awake, it does not make you a loser to text them at 10 or 11 to let them know you have to go to sleep. Some people get easily distracted before bed and sometimes you just have to make the decision to put your phone down and close your eyes. When morning arrives, you can have a few extra minutes to enjoy the warmth of your bed if you were proactive the previous night. Set out your outfit for the upcoming day and have your backpack ready to walk out the door. If you do not get enough sleep, you will be grouchy throughout the day and your attention span will surely drop as your eyelids do. Sleep is necessary for your health and happiness.

Prioritizing in high school can be a difficult task. We are expected to balance part time jobs, sports, clubs, grades, sleep, friends, and our families. That would be a handful for anyone, let alone over-hormonal adolescents. Although finding symmetry in your life is hard, it is a necessity to surviving these taxing four years. Have fun with your friends, do not procrastinate with schoolwork, and go to sleep at a reasonable time and high school experience may run a bit smoother.     

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