One Day Down... A Lot More To Go

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

As of now, I can officially say I have survived the first day of school without catching the dreaded sophomore slump. The beginning of the day was a bit hectic. Trying to find your locker while carrying on a conversation with your friends can be quite a difficult task although it surely beats the freshmen’s position. The ninth graders were clearly terrified which made me thankful I was no longer one myself. As I was walking through the hallways, I demoted myself as a tour guide to the newcomers due to accidentally sending a ninth grader to a dead end hallway when my intention was to direct them to the stairs. Oops! My school day started with a rally that lacked pep. Too little sleep and lights too bright were the cause of our sluggishness. As soon as I walked into my first hour journalism class, we were asked to alphabetically seat ourselves. That is not as easy as it sounds. Afterwards I headed towards honors chemistry. Like any class, you receive the grade you earn. Although having an advanced class may be a bit more challenging, it will also be more rewarding. Not to mention I took a particular liking to one of my teacher’s classroom procedures. Instead of having to lug an elephant sized book to and from our homes, we are able to use the class set of books during class and leave our books at home for the semester. Knowing I will not have to strain my back every day to carry my science book already improves my outlook of the year. English has always been one of my favorite subjects, but this year I feel it will be even more so due to my teacher. My English teacher believes that the point of reading is to further discover yourself rather than simply read about a whale and the sea. I feel like this class will truly make me think which only one other teacher has caused me to do throughout my entire education. Government seems as if it will be an interesting and informational hour. Unlike the other hours, we have a thirty minute lunch break in the middle of class. With the lunch possibilities of A, B, or C, I prefer B because you do not starve before or after that lunch period. I feel like geometry will be smooth sailing as long as I pay attention and do the required work (which I always do). Thankfully I have a few friends in that class which always makes the hour go by a bit faster! I also took a foods and nutrition course this year. I find it absurd how the state requires a bundle of classes to graduate yet seems to have forgotten one that could greatly benefit the youth of America. Health class lacked tips of leading a healthy lifestyle which is why I feel foods and nutrition would be so beneficial to everyone. Maybe someday it will be a required course! My very last period of the day is already one of my favorites. I was put into advanced drawing which I am head over heels for. I genuinely enjoy art and getting to do it for an hour everyday is perfect, not to mention my art teacher has a wonderful taste in music he shares with the class throughout the hour. I have a good feeling about this year and I am hoping my optimism does not go anywhere! 

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