Sticks and Stones

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chances are you have been a bully toward someone and don’t even realize it. Every person at some point in life has been a bully whether they intended to be or not. Rumors, backstabbing, gossip… you’d think by the 21st century that there would be more interesting topics to talk about instead of what may or may not be a true statement. We see the bullies, teachers see the bullies, everyone sees them but
nobody seems to have the courage to speak up. Three simple words, “That’s not cool,” could make a difference, but how often do you see anyone use those words? When you call someone a geek, fat, crybaby, or ugly, it’s hurtful whether you are “just joking” or not. Did you ever think that the “geek” has dyslexia and has to study for hours every day just to earn a passing grade? Maybe that “fat” girl has heard a few too many comments and decided that starving herself will help. Have you considered that the “crybaby” watches her sister suffer through cancer daily and can’t remember the last time she got an ounce of attention from her parents? That “ugly” girl just spent all of her money on makeup to mask her face. If we thought of those things at first glance of a person, maybe we’d have less of a problem.
Social networking sites were meant to connect with one another and bring the world closer together, but that has all been altered. Facebook, for example,  is used to hurt others self esteem— posting mean things about each other, tagging one another in a hurtful manner… did you ever think that one little thing may have or has the potential to push someone over the edge? Those few little words could push that one person too far. For some reason when we say something that maybe doesn’t even seem hurtful, heck, sometimes even appears funny at the time, we don’t really stop to think of the effect it may have on the person it’s directed toward. Those words, that rumor… they won’t ever leave that person and oftentimes will leave an emotional scar.  
Bullying is bad enough, but watching it go on without saying a word is just as cruel. When you see someone’s self esteem being torn down do you typically sit there or say something? I’m going to assume many teenagers would just chill out where they are since “they weren’t doing it.” Sometimes all a person needs is support, hope, just a simple friend. It’s not always easy to stand up for someone if you are standing alone,  but sometimes you have got to realize that popularity with your group of so called “friends” isn’t worth it. When you know something is wrong, don’t just pass it by—stand proud and stand tall and tell them to stop.
Stand up and speak out, because bullying is not cool.   

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