Day at the beach… with a math notebook and list of assignments.

Monday, July 9, 2012

You’re just chilling at the beach watching the waves crash against the shore… while you are taking math notes. Summer homework:   supported by many educators and a monster to most students. We have homework during the school year, but  when a person is taking a vacation, it typically doesn’t involve them bringing their work along for the trip. As a student, I know how hard we work for nine months of the year at school for seven hours a day, five days a week. I also know students earn each and every vacation they get. Yet many schools are now forcing children to do homework over their summer vacation. Their reasoning typically includes that we forget too much over the summer, but they tend not to reverse the situation. How would it feel if your employer forced you to review and do work on your vacation because you might forget what you’re doing. People with careers earn their days off just as we earn the three months we have off. I don’t believe educators should be able to take any of it away. Students work hard all year using summer vacation as motivation. We have to give our educators nine months of our hard work and attention and in return we should get three stress-free and work-free months. I don’t feel educators should have the right to take away time from our vacation. 

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