Makeup's True Colors

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today, the majority of girls wear makeup for many different reasons. Some girls wear it simply to look “cool” and others wear it to hide their insecurities whether it’s with acne or another skin affliction. Typically, girls won’t dare leave their house without some form of makeup on. Makeup is very good at hiding things we want to cover up. For girls who have acne, many cover their entire face in foundation to attempt to have a flawless look all day, but is this a good thing?

Makeup boosts your confidence when walking around during the day, but could it actually be hurting you? Not only does makeup usually have bad side effects on your skin, but it may be taking a toll on your mental health as well. At night, after you wash your mask off, do you still see yourself as beautiful as you felt before? In the morning, would you make a coffee run before applying any cover up to your face? Many girls use makeup as a crutch to hide their insecurities. Instead of gaining confidence by loving yourself inside and out, a lot of girls attempt loving themselves from the outside in. When they aren’t happy with whom they are or they don’t believe they are beautiful enough, they use a little mascara to hide it. Makeup can be used as a tool to enhance your outer beauty for special occasions, but it can also be an enemy is disguise.   

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