Bikini Season is Blooming

Monday, February 27, 2012

With spring break right around the corner, getting into shape is becoming a must for many. When the thought of losing weight pops into your mind, you assume dieting is the best way to reach your goal. Dieting is temporary and won’t give you lasting results. The only outcome dieting has to offer is denying your body of certain vitamins it needs. If you want to lose weight
and get healthy eating habits, you have to do it for you and not just to fit into that bikini by spring break.
Having a permanent philosophy of healthy eating habits is much healthier than dieting. You grow up learning that you should have 3 meals a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but in reality having 5-7 large snacks a day is healthier. And it is not just what you eat, but how much of it you choose to eat. Proportioning what you eat is a big factor in losing weight. It may be low fat but if you have 5 times the serving size you cancel out the healthier aspect of that food. If you are a fan of salty snacks such as chips, you know the outcome of bringing the bag into your room during a Jersey Shore marathon. If you count out the serving size into a bowl you’ll eat until the bowl is empty and not the entire bag. A big myth when eating healthy is not to ever have unhealthy foods. When you deny yourself of your favorite food, you are setting yourself up for failure. Don’t be afraid to have a scoop of ice cream or small slice of cake sometimes. Instead of denying yourself of those guilty pleasures, simply limit your portions.
Coffee, Coke, lattes, McDonald’s Shamrock shakes… you know your mouth is already watering. These are all good drinks, but they aren’t good for your body. A small shamrock shake is 540 calories, Starbucks double chocolaty chip frappuccino is 500 calories and the numbers for these daily indulgences continue rising.  Splurging with these every once in awhile is fine but more times than not you should stick to water. Water not only helps you lose weight but also assists with clearer skin, combating stress, and helps protect you from getting sick. If the taste of water gets bland to you after awhile, flavoring your water can help. You can even forego the flavoring packets and drop some fruit in your pitcher to give it a little zing. Next time you walk into the kitchen, grab a glass and walk for the tap instead of the soda bottle.
Exercise is another factor of becoming healthy. The biggest mistake people make with exercising is forcing themselves to do something they dread. Now that they have so many options out there, if you hate running you can forego the track and head to your Wii for a little Zumba. Not to mention the multiple workout DVD’s available. I personally suggest choosing one from Jillian Michael’s selection because of the results and time factor. She has something for everyone… a hip hop one if you are a dancing fanatic,   a Last Chance Workout if you only have an extra 20 minutes a day and so many more geared for the time you have and the results you want. Don’t overwork yourself with working out though—3-5 days is the recommended amount to work out each week. A good idea to keep you motivated is once a week you should reward yourself with something:  a new shirt, CD, earrings, etc. 
Exercise and eating right can be difficult alone sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to support you! Friends make great workout buddies who can keep you motivated nonstop. Your family can help you by keeping healthier snacks in the house and planning healthier meals for the entire family. But you need self-motivation as well. Never eat or exercise healthy for the benefit of someone else, you have to do it for you! When the workout gets tough or that paczki seems too hard to resist, think about how far you’ve come and remember that you don’t want to blow what you’ve worked so hard to receive. You have to understand the healthy habits you pick up now will carry on throughout life. Losing weight, toning muscle… it isn’t a fast or easy process. It takes time, patience, dedication, and a whole lot of determination. But if you want it, you can get it.            

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