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Friday, February 24, 2012

Guys. School. Drama. Parents. Love. 5 words that seem to sum up a teenager’s life. I’m Laurel and though I can be a typical teenager, I’ve got a different outlook on many things. I don’t judge people for their past, only for their present. I don’t see a person for their mistakes; I see them for their accomplishments. I bypass their attitudes and look for the story behind the person. That is the person who I am. My goal as a new blogger is to
inspire others and give them a glimpse of hope. I know times get tough, but I also know that in life those hard moments shape us into the people we are to become. I hope that any and all followers comment your opinions whether you are standing alone with it or supported by many others; every opinion matters and every person counts. Though I will cover the fun topics such as prom and guys, I also plan on bringing out the bigger issues such as suicide, bullying, eating disorders, etc. Those are the things we are forced to live through daily, and those are the things that with enough love and support can be diminished. I hope that each and every blog post I make inspires you.   

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