School Violence: The Deeper Issue

Friday, March 2, 2012

BOOM! A life can be taken just like that. Lately school shootings have been occurring more and more often. It’s horrible sitting at your school desk and knowing that all it would take would be a motive and gun to end your classmates’ lives. The thought is sickening, but when you hear of an incident such as the school shooting which recently took place at a high school in Ohio, what are your first thoughts?
I’ll assume that the majority of thoughts that consume your mind at that time involve sympathy for the family, hurt for the ones who’ve lost their lives, and anger towards the one who did it.
Violence is never the answer and there is always a better solution. But we forget that the blame shouldn’t always be put all on the one who shot the gun. Many times, it takes horrible events to lead them to this point. Whispers as you walk the halls, giggling as you raise your hand, rumors that make you appear as someone you aren’t… day after day those little things add up. When someone has to handle that on a daily basis and constantly feel as if their existence is pointless, sometimes they make mistakes that will last a lifetime.
School shooters deserve to be punished, but they also deserve some of your sympathy. They have been pushed to their breaking point and sometimes moments of such pressure lead someone to doing something they’ll soon regret. Hurting someone, physically or mentally, won’t fix anything. Taunting and bullying is horrible but it isn’t an excuse to kill someone. But next time the news has a story on a school shooting, have more than just anger towards the shooter who is only a teenager themselves.

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