5 Things You Should Be Grateful For (But Aren't)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, everyone seems to be quite grateful for their friends, family, food, home... and Netflix. While all of these things are worthy of being acknowledged and appreciated, I realized a few things are being left out. Here are a few things that you probably are not grateful for, but you should be.

1. When the power goes out
Have you ever been sitting around with your family when... click... the room goes black? At first, everyone in the house groans because either their TV show was interrupted or the lights went out while they were finishing work. Then, your parents shuffle outside to go ask the neighbors if they know why the power is out. The adults soon start having a catch up session in the street while the kids ride their bikes and the teenagers start a game of street football. Once the street lamps turn on, a night of candlelit board games begins and everyone heads to bed early for a good night's rest. How can you possibly hate a day like this?

2. When a friend cancels plans
Your initial thought is probably along the lines of "I shaved my legs for nothing." But if you would have gone out with your friend tonight, you would have missed out on a quality Netflix binge. When a friend bails on you, it gives you the opportunity to catch up on work on watch a few extra episodes.

3. When your phone dies
Sometimes you just can't get near an outlet before your phone screen goes black. If you were in the middle of editing an Instagram photo, this might seem devastating, but it might be exactly what you needed. It is easy to bury yourself in your phone and shut the world out. But when your phones, it gives you a great excuse to actually live in the moment. Suddenly, you have to talk to the people around you in a waiting room or ask a nearby stranger instead of use Google Maps. Nothing says socialize like a lifeless phone.

4. Bad days
Yup, we all have them. Bad hair days, bad school days, bad bad days... it happens. Without bad days, we wouldn't appreciate the good days.

5. Yourself
You literally are the only person willing to put up with yourself 24/7. Be grateful for that. You are a magnificent human being. Appreciate yourself, because you do some wonderful things. Have you ever left a penny for someone to find on the ground? Have you ever donated a dollar to the Salvation Army bell ringers? Have you ever smiled at someone who was having a bad day? You, yes YOU, make a huge difference in the world. Be thankful for who you are, because I think that person is pretty spectacular.

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What are some out-of-the-ordinary things that you grateful for?

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