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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Monday: The first hour of my school day was spent watching Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian which was pretty cool! The second hour was entirely spent reading (which was not some form of cruel and unusual punishment like many of my classmates thought). After all of that, I went to Key Club. I really enjoy being apart of clubs in school because they provide the opportunity to be apart of something, even if you are not some star athlete.

Tuesday: First official meeting of Tea Club! Yes, it is just as it sounds. My school has a club dedicated to drinking tea. Before you go all "that won't look good on a college application", take into consideration that not every extracurricular is centered around applications. Not only do I get to spend time with friends I already have, but I get a chance to meet new people. I think the club provides a very friendly environment for kids who simply want to feel apart of something. I am also officially the treasurer of the club which is pretty exciting! I also officially decided to quit Powderpuff Football. I typically am against quitting things, but why would choose to stay in something I dread being apart of? The team had plenty of girls on it already, and I felt a bit out-of-place on the team. Hopefully next year I can sway some of my friends into joining! I think the fun part of Powderpuff is doing it with all of your friends.

Wednesday: Today I was told that a piece my friend and I wrote for my school's newspaper was worthy of submitting to a writing competition. That was absolutely incredible to hear coming from our newspaper teacher along with the editor-in-chief! After school, some friends and I went to volunteer at a senior living community. We worked with the patients who had dementia, alzheimer's, and other similar conditions. It was a blast helping them craft Halloween decorations! The downside was seeing some of the patient's conditions had worsened from the last time I had visited. On a positive note... one of my friends asked what a lady's favorite holiday was and she said January. Another elderly woman I was helping asked how much she owed me for helping her. Similar to children, these older folks have a beautiful innocence. I say beautiful because they are so happy and seemingly oblivious to their conditions, which is great. It would be more more sad if they were conscious of it all.

Also, I am getting quite a bit of information from college's lately. I received three e-mails from different colleges and brochures, informational booklets, letters, etc. from three other colleges. On top of this, I was given a letter in school today urging me to sign up to take the PSAT's. The cost is only $16, plus we are being offered a complimentary breakfast and free transportation to and from the testing location. Honestly, it's a great deal. The PSAT is basically a shorter version of the SAT and if you rank in the top 50,000 test scores then you can get a $2,500 merit scholarship.

Thursday: ONE MORE DAY UNTIL FRIDAY!! Today was pretty great overall! I signed up to take an earlier ACT (more for the experience than anything else) before the "real" one. I also found out one of my friends is taking the PSAT which was a bit comforting because the complimentary breakfast wouldn't have been the same if I didn't know anyone!

Friday: One of my friends and I took "sleepover" to a whole new level. First off, couldn't get a ride until about 10pm. Bummer! Once she arrived, a week's work of exhaustion finally caught up with us and we were in bed and sleeping by 11pm... Party animals :/

Saturday: WEDDING! While the ratio of elderly to young was a bit too high for me, the ceremony itself was beautiful! It was a laid-back jean's wedding for a family friend and it was wonderful to see how happy her and the groom were. The dance floor was near empty most of the night, probably due to the countless 80's song requests. Although towards the end of the night during clean up, only the younger group was left which was fun getting to finally meet everyone!

Sunday: Woke up at the motel we stayed at and went out to breakfast. One of my mom's friend's had offered to take us out to eat and I was quite grateful for the offer! The only downside was that my French toast was floating in a puddle of butter, but honestly I just love the atmosphere of restaurants during the early hours of the day.


  • When my school's newspaper's editor-in-chief and teacher told my friend and I that our Ed Sheeran concert review was competition worthy.
  • Getting to go to a wedding!
  • Quitting Powderpuff 

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