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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monday: Being one of the two reporters on my high school's newspapers, I have the responsibility of doing two stories rather than one. Luckily, I was able to snap up the two story ideas that I was most interested in! On top of that, I had a Key Club meeting where I was able to officially introduce myself as co-vice-president.

Tuesday: Well... I talked to a cute boy. Okay, talk is a strong word. I basically had an anonymous conversation on Twitter with him... but it still counts.

Wednesday: I am officially a line-backer for my school's Powder Puff football team! The downside? I absolutely should not have signed up for defense considering I practiced throwing and catching all summer. Although, I am a teenager and teenagers tend to stick with whatever their friends choose to do. Someday I hope I get over that "don't want to do it alone" mentality (I'm better now than before, but I'm still not perfect). I also found out that I get a column in the upcoming issue of my high school's newspaper! There are no words to explain the joy I feel! I could not stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Thursday: An average day, aside from failing a test (first and last F I'll be getting in my high school career). Despite the disappointment with that, I did not let it ruin my entire day. I studied, I did my best, and it turned out to not be enough. All that means is that I'll have to amp that up for the next test. I also was able to make posters for my school's Tea Club (yes, it is just like it sounds... a club dedicated to drinking tea and making tea-loving friends). I absolutely love getting handed markers and poster board! Therefore, Thursday was a win for me! Except when I got home and swallowing became a pain... bummer.

Friday: Woo! Who isn't excited for Friday? I woke up feeling even worse than after school on Thursday, but I had two tests/quizzes before lunch that I did not want to miss! Despite not having much of an appetite, I was thrilled to find out my mom had made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (scoreeeeeee!). I went to school for three hours of my day and then decided to go home. Not only did I want to spare my classmates from catching whatever I had, but I could not bare to sit through four more hours feeling as miserable as I did. This day took a surprising turn. After waking up from a nap, I checked my phone to see some very exciting texts.

My friend has won a drawing in our newspaper class for free Ed Sheeran tickets on Tuesday (ish), but since he was better friends with another girl in our class, he was going to take her. There were no hard feelings because I would have done the same thing if I were in his shoes, plus she is one of my best friends and loves Sheeran and concerts! On Friday, he decided that since he wasn't really a fan of concerts or Sheeran, he thought it would make more since for me and our friend to go. SO. PUMPED. Then, my friend told me that the teacher who runs our newspaper class wanted to know if I was willing to be copy editor. Heck yes! I was already regretting signing up to only be a reporter at this point. Not that I don't love writing, but I wanted a bigger position in the newspaper. So, like I said, I was thrilled.

Saturday: Ceeeeelllleeebbrate good times, come on! I love Saturdays because you can sleep in and stay up as long as you want! Except that morning... I had to wake up early to get my blood drawn and then spent about three hours in urgent care just to find out that I definitely did not have Strep Throat. I guess it was worth the good news, but the wait surely tested my patience.

Sunday: Monday Eve... I get to see cute boys tomorrow! I have quite a bit of homework to do now that I am starting to feel better (aside from coughing fits, I'm doing pretty well). So tomorrow I should be back in action at school!


  • First day as an official Key Club co-vice-president (it's a long title, but I'm honored to have it)
  • I finally talked to one of the cute twins, now if only I actually talk to one of them in person...

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