The Side Effects of a Back-Up Plan

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Every aspiring artist, dancer, and doctor has been asked the famous question: What's your backup plan? Assuming that these dreamers have an endless dedication and unwavering passion, it seems detrimental to their success if they are already planning their failure.

The journey to success is bound to have some bumps, but if you patch up those faulty breaks and change a tire or two, you are bound to arrive at your destination at some point. It is not like a video game where one wrong move sends you back to start. You might get sent three or four spaces back, but an extended journey beats an ended one.

Rejection is just part of the process. A successful author has received countless rejection letters. A successful singer has heard more critics than compliments. This is what drives them, it does not stop them. If that author had a safety net, they'd be that much more likely to call it quits after the first few letters. If the singer let one negative comment trump ten positive, she might have gone with the plan B her counselor insisted she create.

Don't compromise on your happiness just because people overuse the word "can't". You can do whatever you want to. Start that little record store in London, open up a hotel chain, be the next American Idol! Don't plan your defeat. Plan your success, and have the excessive stubbornness to get back up each and every time you get knocked down.

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