Pink Ribbons and Parmalee

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Amanda Millsap, a 14-year-old girl, was murdered the evening of July 24. She was walking her dog in the small town of Armada, a rural location that had always had a rather safe reputation. But this was a walk in which she never returned from.

Yesterday, on the way to Armada's Fair, we passed a countless number of pink ribbons to honor the life of Millsap. They were tied on trees, posts, even gas stations. The ribbons came in different sizes and shades of pink, but I didn't see a single house without at least one. The way the community came together to was incredible. Yet at the same time, terribly sad. No matter the number of ribbons or turnout at her vigil... there would not be a future for her. I guess that is the catch though, you can't have life without death. I just wish she could have had a longer life.

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The turnout at Armada Fair was much less than the past years from what I heard everyone saying. The assumption was that the murder had scared many away, rightfully so. I understand parents fear of letting their kids go and even the kids themselves being frightened.

The fair was fun though. I have to admit that they had a pretty good setup. There were a good amount of rides, a few game stands, and countless concessions. And... being a teenage girl, I can admit that I saw quite a few attractive guys. The only problem there was my complete lack of courage to talk to them. I could easier talk to the president than a cute boy.

Parmalee put on a great performance! Too bad the crowd was so stale. If the audience didn't want to be there, it wasn't as though there weren't plenty of other things for them to do at the fair. Yet they all seemed to stay there. The majority were not clapping, singing along, or even dancing. HOW DO YOU NOT DANCE AT A CONCERT?! I only stayed in the stands for a few songs because it was relatively boring up there. What I did see was amazing, and what I heard while walking around the carnival was also fantastic. They had a great stage presence, I'd love to see them again sometime but preferably surrounded by their fans, not just bored bystanders.

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