Will He Wait Or Will He Go?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So being a 16 year old girl who has to worry about school, finding a part-time job, and getting my license, I don't want the added responsibilities that come with sex. Birth control, condoms, STD testing...
no thank you, I'll wait on that. This is my personal choice and I have nothing against those who choose differently.

After explaining this to a boy I was developing a crush on, our conversation petered out. It made me question whether or not boys really did just care about sex. So, I brought the question to one of my guy friends. He said that while he does enjoy sex, if he really liked a girl, he would wait. If it was a girl who he just sort of liked and didn't see a future with, then he wouldn't find the wait worth it.

Apparently, sex isn't the only thing boys care about. Who knew? So to all of the girls out there who are making decisions based on boys and not themselves: stop. Your body is something you control. If a man ever pushes you to do something you are uncomfortable with, then he is not worth your time. One day, you will find a guy who finds the wait well worth it. If you are waiting, whether it's waiting a few months or waiting until marriage, stick to your decision and don't let a little bit of lust get in the way.

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