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Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Beast of Burden" by The Rolling Stones

I've heard the song multiple times, yet I never took notice to the title. Thankfully, I can now get it on iTunes instead of just hoping it'll pop up on the radio again. No matter how many new bands enter the music world, I'll always have a soft spot for The Rolling Stones.
Also, if you pay attention closely to the lyrics, you might get a chuckle at the play of words. It jumps from "make love to me" to "Am I hard enough". Maybe that is a juvenile thing to laugh at, but I've never claimed to be an adult now have I?

"Blue Sky" by The Allman Brothers Band

I was recently introduced to The Allman Brothers Band thanks to a folk-obsessed friend. Due to this, I was able to recognize the band's sound when they popped up on Spotify. "Blue Sky" might be a bit short on lyrics, but not on meaning. It is a song laced with love, written by Dickey Betts about his girlfriend, Sandy "Bluesky" Wabegijig.

"If You Only Knew" by Shinedown

Once again, I can thank a friend for suggesting the band. But Spotify helped me discover this particular song, which I am quite thankful for. Shinedown is a rock band, so if you enjoy the genre, "If You Only Knew" just might be your cup of tea. It started off with a tune that reminded me of the ones that start off metal songs, although I was happily surprised when Brent Smith's vocals came in. I can't guarantee you will love the song, but I can tell you that I know have multiple Shinedown songs starred.

"That Smell" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

I've always loved this rock band's name, it is fun to say out loud and even to spell out. This song is upbeat and catchy. "Ooooh that smell", I mean the constant repeat of this line might remind you of the boy's locker room, but it was actually written about Gary Rossington's car accident due to being on drugs. If you are into classic rock, you should give it a listen!

"When You Were Mine" by Taylor Henderson

Ahhhh... Taylor Henderson. Pretty to look at it and pretty to listen to. I can't help but melt at the lyrics. Does it have something to do with his level of attractiveness? Maybe a little, but you have to admit that the boy had got some raw talent going on. He doesn't have too many songs out yet, but the few he does have out are worth listening to. It is a county boy singing a song about what he wish he would've done when she was his. If you are into cute boys, lovey-dovey lyrics, and a country tune, I would highly suggest you watching this. 

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