How to Succeed This Year

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Busy! Busy! Busy! With all of the homework, tests, and quizzes, the year is off to a hectic start. One of the keys to surviving school is being well organized. If you can’t remember test dates or where you put a worksheet, your grades are bound to drop. It’s important to be prepared for each class. On top of having your supplies together, studying is another key factor to passing your classes. Grades aren’t just given to you, they’re earned.

When you organize your supplies, you want to have them well separated. It’s best to have a designated folder/binder for each subject so the papers don’t intertwine. Another suggestion is to have a folder/binder specifically for your homework. Jamming six or seven classes’ worth of homework and supplies into your backpack is not an easy task. My solution is to put all the homework I have for each day in one folder. It’s easier to keep track of everything when you use that method. Also, remember to bring home any important papers or notes needed to complete your work. Now that you have your supplies organized, how do you remember important dates?

In middle school, most students have the benefit of being handed a planner to record the days’ events in. Use that to your advantage and write down your homework because everyone’s memory has flaws. If you are in higher grades, you can either purchase your own daily planner or keep the information on a sheet of paper. The method I use is writing down my homework along with the needed supplies (book, notebook, etc.) for each class on a piece of lined paper I keep in my homework folder. Using that paper I know exactly what I need to grab before heading to the bus. It’s also important to pay attention to the notes on the board and dates your teacher gives you. Forgetting a quiz or test can be detrimental to your grade in that class. You can’t go wrong by writing down the quiz/test grades.

To pass quizzes and do your work in class, you also have to remember important supplies. One of the most important things to bring to every class is a pencil. Always have one available and it never hurts to have a couple extra pencils. A highlighter is another good thing to have because when you need to remember something for later on, looking for the text highlighted in yellow makes it easier to find. Most classes don’t require that you bring a different colored pen (such as red, blue, etc.), but it can be a big help. If you are checking over a paper together and get something wrong, erasing it with a pencil won’t help you to remember what your mistake was when you are studying it later on.

Studying is the key to passing classes. You may think you don’t need to study, but eventually you’ll come upon that one test you should’ve studied for. Take an extra five or ten minutes a night to look over past worksheets and it can make a grade of a difference. Before a big test, it helps to reread the chapter as well. Reading through a chapter thoroughly and understanding what you’ve read is the equivalence of two of three study guides in my opinion. While studying takes away from your time with friends and Twitter, it’ll take away more of your time when your parents ground you for failing a test.

Being prepared, staying organized, and studying are just a few of the key factors to succeeding in school. A big part of doing well academically is paying attention, doing your work, and asking questions while you are in class. By doing all of those things, you are bound to do better in school. You can either put effort into an A or put it into an F, the choice is yours.  

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