Living in Fear

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laying your head down at night and snuggling into the warmth of your covers is something many of us have come to take for granted, but the children of Congo, South Sudan, and Central African Republic don’t get this luxury. Every night children just like you and I are quivering in their blankets praying for safety, hoping they will survive one more night. This fear and torture has been caused by one man, Joseph Kony.
When Yoweri Museveni became president of Uganda in 1986, Alice Lakwena created an opposing group known as the Holy Spirit Movement. The group planned to free the north of the government oppression but due to only having regional support, Alice Lakwena was exiled. The group was in need of a leader, so Joseph Kony, claiming to be her cousin, took management of the group which he renamed the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). This rebel group, consisting of children they’d kidnapped, had been attacking their own people of Uganda for over 20 years. When prayers seemed to be answered after Kony and the LRA stopped attacking Uganda in 2006, tragedy occurred once again as they moved their attacks to Congo, South Sudan, and Central African Republic.
The social community has come together to make Joseph Kony known. Teenagers have been using their Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread the word and now even adults are joining in. This tragedy, which is taking place at this very moment, has brought the world together for one common goal: peace. Those who use social networking sites have assisted the cause by tweeting, posting, and uploading videos about the cause. The Kony 2012 video uploaded on Youtube has over 55 million views, #stop kony has been trending on Twitter, and you’ll rarely find a Facebook without a status on their feelings of the LRA. People all over the world want Kony arrested for the brutal crimes he has committed.
 The world wants Kony to be brought to justice; the man who has forced children to murder others, to become sex slaves, and in multiple cases slaughter their own siblings and parents. All the world is asking for is peace. 2012 is the year that people from all around the world are determined to come together to bring Joseph Kony to justice once and for all.  

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