Is There Such a Thing as Perfect?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As a teenager, I’ve definitely had my fair share of acne. It’s painful and embarrassing but I could never find a face wash that would help! One day I heard about Perfectawash by Clearasil. It claimed to give you the “perfect” amount of face cleanser when you put your hand near the motion sensor as well as show fast results. Even though I felt it’d be hopeless, I tried it anyways.
After I woke up the next day, I already saw an improvement! Even though most commercials promise insane results in an unrealistic amount of time, I never imagined it could ever be true until now. I still have some acne, but it has gone done drastically and is still progressively improving. The only downside I found with Perfectawash was it dried out my face, but even that disappeared after moisturizing my face daily. I highly recommend you try Perfectawash. Whether you have a few pimples or a face full of them, Perfectawash is a perfect gamble for anyone ready to rid their acne!

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