5 Drinks Better Than Alcohol

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why drink beer when you could drink a box full of cheer?

Oh yeah, you want to be cool. Do you remember when you said "I don't care what people think" as you tilted that shot glass into your mouth? You probably drank a few more shots after that so people wouldn't think you were lame. Then, you blacked out. Don't worry, I will make sure to remember that moment for you.

Man, I love peer pressure. What I love even more is how people blame others for their own decisions. "Mom, you don't understand. Billy, Sally, and Johnny were doing acid, so like... I had to do it." If you are around people who pressure you to do things you are not comfortable with, you should remove yourself from the situation. If someone encourages you to do something you do not want to do, you do not have to obey them

Everyone who drinks alcohol is not a victim of peer pressure. Some people genuinely do like the taste of liquor, but all too often I hear, "Nobody likes it at first, it's an acquired taste." If you have to force yourself to like something, make it broccoli, not an alcoholic beverage. 

Lesson of the Day: Do not drink alcohol if you are under the age of 21.

Back-Up Lesson of the Day (because the first will most likely be ignored): Drink a glass of water for each alcoholic beverage and do not drink and drive

1. Capri Sun because it lights up your world, whereas alcohol blacks out your world.

2. Little Hug Fruit Barrels because you should be dealing hugs, not drugs. 

3. Juicy Juice is applesolutely a great alternative to beer because it comes with a straw. Plus, there is no sugar OR vodka added. Trust me, you will not find both of those qualifications in a bottle of vodka.

4. Nesquik will quikly become your go-to drink because it has vitamins A AND D. Do you get the D with alcohol? No, you get vitamin slumped-over-the-toilet-vomiting. 

5. Kool-Aid Bursts are better than vodka because having a berry blue taste burst in your mouth beats having your liver burst. 




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