7 Life-Changing Tips for Applying Mascara

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Out of the multitude of makeup products, mascara is the most essential. With a flick of the wand, eyes transform from bright to bold. Whether you religiously use MAC cosmetics or opt for the drugstore brands, these are a few tips to put a little oomph in your mascara game.

1. Avoid clumps

Mascara often clumps during application, and trying to fix it afterwards can get messy. A quick-fix to clumpy mascara is to simply dab the mascara wand onto a tissue so the excess comes off.

2. Apply powder beneath your eyes

Mascara is attracted to the consistency of liquid foundations. After blinking a few times after a fresh coat of mascara, you are bound to have black dots speckled beneath your eyes. To counteract this problem, simply apply a bit of powder right beneath your eyes. Since trying this trick myself, I rarely have to do any cleanup after I apply mascara.

3. Mix up the brushes/brands

Each mascara brush offers a different effect. Some formulas provide thicker-looking lashes, while others have a clean-cut minimilist result. Try using 2-3 different types to benefit from each of the mascara specialites.

4. Use an eyelash curler

You know those death-trap appearing contraptions? Yes, those are also known as "eyelash curlers." While they appear to be a bit frightening, eyelash curlers work wonders. The key is to pull up on the curler after you have your eyelashes securely clamped in. Tip: If it hurts, stop pulling. Afterwards, I also suggest clamping your eyelashes in the middle and then pulling the curler up again. This really creates a great curl on your eyelashes. In turn, your eyes appear wider and more noticeable. 

5. Use multiple colors

You can go wild with purples and blues, or play it safe with brown and black. Experimenting with your mascara color scheme is a fun way to add a burst of uniqueness to your look.

6. Wait for the first coat to dry

The key to building up your lashes with mascara is allowing each coat to dry. Spend a few minutes scrolling through social media in between applications for the full effect. 

7. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

'Cause you know what to do with that big fab wand. First start at the base of your eyelashes, otherwise the mascara application can have a sloppy appearance. As you bring the wand upwards, wiggle it back and forth. This gives fuller coverage to your lashes while minimizing the clumps.

Let me know if you have any other good tips or if these worked for you! Good luck with all of your mascara-related endeavors.

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