A Day In The Life: Creative Director

Thursday, June 25, 2015

No, this is not my life. I did, however, get the chance to experience a piece of it thanks to my uncle and his husband who run a florist business. They design and deliver impeccable bridal bouquets, chuppahs, arches, boutonnieres, table scapes, and everyday flower arrangements. They were a bit short on staff for a wedding that day, and my my mother and I were quick to volunteer. 

The ceremony and reception of a wedding may appear magical, but there is no bibbity bobbity boo involved in the making of it. 

The day began with packing everything into two vans. Their shop happens to be on the second story of a building. This meant walking up and down a flight of stairs twenty-too-many times. The vans were packed so tightly that I would pity the fly that got trapped in the vehicle. After the doors shut, we headed to the venue. By the way, Chicago driving is not like regular driving. I highly advise anyone prone to car sickness to avoid Chicago at all costs. If you suffer from road rage, I also recommend sticking to the suburbs. Actually, just don't get in the car. Ride a horse or something. 

We arrived to the loading dock, and the real work began. After transferring the colossal amount of boxes from the van to the raised platform, we then had to get them to the fifth floor. Despite having the advantage of the elevator, there were only two rolling carts and countless heavy, fragile boxes. By the time we had moved everything to the fifth floor, we had nearly reached the bracelet-making level of friendship with the other fifth-floor goers.

The fifth floor was a hustling and bustling area. The caterers were rushing to set up the chairs while simultaneously setting the tables. My uncle's husband quickly set up an example of the centerpiece on a small portion of the table. After adding a few brief instructions, he set us free. While he worked on the ceremony's stage decor, we completed the tables.

I distributed a lantern to each table. The only difficulty there was getting them out of their boxes. The edging was flimsy and got caught on the flaps of the boxes. Every. Single. Time. Afterwards, I scattered oodles of candle holders at each table. I did my best to mismatch them in a trendy manner. The bride wanted moss at each of the tables so I helped with that as well. We weren't given the table runners until after the place settings were down which was a bit of an issue. The catering staff had already set each table, so we had to shift all of the place settings as we placed the runners.

Due to prior commitments, we had to leave as I was in the middle of placing a tealight into each of the candle holders. The centerpieces were complete aside from that though and they were magnificent.

The view from the venue was gorgeous. The room was gorgeous. The tables were gorgeous. I'm sure the entire wedding followed suit!

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