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Saturday, December 27, 2014

"I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite." - Buddy the Elf

Monday ▲ December ▲ 22 ▲ 2014

Last minute shopping commence! I found the procrastinating parent's candy-filled candy cane stash at Target. Why do I need children's stocking stuffers? No, I am not a hoarder-in-training. I have the sweetest three-year-old neighbor and I wanted to do something special for him. Tonight I left "The Night Before Christmas" book along with M&M's and a note from the elves on the windshield of his mom's car. Hopefully that excites the little fella! 

Tuesday ▲ December ▲ 23 ▲ 2014

Cupcake partay. Blue frosting, confetti cake mix, and sprinkles, what else do you need for a great night? Oh yeah, a best friend! I hadn't seen one of my closest friends in a few days. I know that doesn't seem too long, but it is for us. There was surprisingly quite a bit to catch up on. Well... my part. She didn't have much catching to do at all because my life has been relatively stale. Or at least it seems that way when I look at how busy and bustling her life is. Boys, friends, late-night drives... jeez, teenage life sounds like fun. Too bad I rarely experience it. Part of me wants to have the crazy, wild adventures and the other half of me wants to write about them. I guess you have to experience them to properly write about them though huh? 

Wednesday ▲ December ▲ 24 ▲ 2014 

I made a pizza (please tell me you said that in an Italian accent). Correction, I made about three... in four hours. It was quite a slow day at work, but that was alright. I bonded a bit with my coworkers... sort of. After work, I unlocked my phone to see a text from my neighbor. Apparently the anonymous elf note and gift wasn't so anonymous... hey, I think it is totally believable that the North Pole elves happened to make a early stop right across the street from where I live. Anyways, I couldn't really deny it at that point but I did mention that they should stay on the look out in case Santa's elves leave something else tonight. Buying for my neighbor was by far my favorite part of Christmas this year! Thankfully, they agreed not to tell him it was me. I didn't want his mom or grandma to know either, but it was sort of pointless to pretend it wasn't me.

Usually my cousin invites us over by now on Christmas Eve. You would think he would call before the day of but he tends to be last minute. No call yet, I guess we might not be going this year. I am a bit bummed. Christmas Eve is a day for family and big dinners. I guess this Christmas Eve is just a let down.  Oh well, there is always next year!

Thursday ▲ December ▲ 25 ▲ 2014

IT IS CHRISTMAS!!! My grandparents joined my mom and I in the morning to watch as we unwrapped out gifts (plus they get a free breakfast out of the deal). I was absolutely ecstatic to receive a turntable! I have always loved the sound of a record playing. I've mentioned saving up for one a few times, but I never dreamed of it being bought for me! I also got a gift that was truly irreplaceable; One of my dad's childhood friends wrote me a letter. In the letter, he told me a bit about who my dad was as a teenager. He also offered to meet up with me sometime to tell me more about my dad. Most of what I know about my dad comes from people who knew him in his later years, so talking to a man who knew my dad as a youngster is incredible to say the least.  

Friday ▲ December ▲ 26 ▲ 2014

I went to the record store with my mom today... but it was closed. So we checked out a few other stores, one more of a vintage resale shop and another centered around meditation, calming remedies, etc. Both were unique! At the second store, there were quite a few tiny spirit animals made in India. Each animal had a card, explaining what it represented along with what the spirit animal would bring to your life. 

Saturday ▲ December ▲ 27 ▲ 2014

Bleh, work. I don't know why I dreaded going in so much today, but it sounded like the worst possible way to spend a night. Once I got there, however, things weren't so bad. I enjoy jamming out to the classic rock station while I throw toppings on pizza. 

Sunday ▲ December ▲ 28 ▲ 2014

This week flew by! So did this entire year... it is crazy to think that as of tomorrow I will no longer be 16 years old. I am not ready to begin my last 12 months of being a kid. Jeez, life flies by when you stop paying attention. 

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