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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday: It was a good day... Nothing spectacular really happened but that is perfectly alright! I passed up a near-perfect opportunity to talk to a cute boy. Maybe I'll get an ever better opportunity later... I can hope.

Tuesday: 5 new Tea Club members woooooooo! Despite the new members, I spent the majority of the time in another classroom with a few friends and our favorite teacher! It was pretty sweet really. 

Wednesday: I sorta kinda might have forgot to write down Wednesday's events on Wednesday... goes to show how fast you forget the little things :/

Thursday: 100 question test on The Great Gatsby and I got a 90/100! I was quite worried before the test because 100 questions is a lot to answer in a 50 minutes span, but I did it! 

Friday: HOMECOMING GAMEEEEEEE... and we won! It was a blast getting to hangout with my friends, especially since two of them are in an early college program at my school so I don't really get to see them anymore. My friends and I also ending up seeing one of our guy friend's near half-time and we hung out with him for the rest of the game. I was excited, because I may or may not have a teeny tiny crush on him (or maybe I just don't know the difference between a crush and a cute guy friend yet... who knows). Overall, I had a wonderful Friday!

Saturday: Well, I am ditching homecoming. I would love to say that I am doing this because I want to, but that is not the case. The cost of a dress and ticket quickly add up, and my mom is not in the right place financially to afford it. On top of this, my friends are in a similar situation. Will I regret not going? Heck yes! For the past two years, homecoming has been one of my favorite occasions! But ya know how it is... overall though, I had a FANTASTIC night! I hung out with the cute guy friend along with my other super awesome friends so we had a blast! And MY MOM LET ME DRIVE WITH ONE OF MY FRIENDS! She is pretty against that so I was thrilled.                             

Sunday: Good day so far! My mom let me drive with my friend again (whoop whoop!). We went to the barn she rides horses at and made grain bags (plus met this super adorable kitten!). It was a blast! Note to self: Don't wear good shoes next time. 

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