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Sunday, September 7, 2014

It is official... I have made it through the first week of school alive! In all honesty, it went pretty great!

But starting with the beginning of my week... on Sunday I celebrated my grandpa and his sister's birthday. Much to my excitement, I was given cake-baking responsibilities (hence the multitude of sprinkles). I also had the opportunity to make homemade birthday cards for them. While the cards were  a bit rushed and not quite up to my standards, the recipients seemed to really love them!

On Monday, my grandpa's friend took my family out for dinner in honor of my grandpa's birthday. We went to Texas Roadhouse, which may I add has the best rolls ever! In case you were wondering, that was made as a statement with absolutely no room for debate.  

My first day was pretty spectacular! I met a few new people, reunited with old friends, and got to sit through an easy day of class rules and introductions. Honestly, does it get any better? Well actually... it could have started a few hours later.

World History: Down-to-Earth teacher, pretty friendly classmates
ACT Prep: Four different and totally awesome teachers, no homework (YAY!), credit or no credit class
Algebra 2: Teacher has a good sense of humor, good amount of my friends are in the class too, plus we get to use fancy schmancy calculators (they have tiny keyboards!)
Lunch: I mean, it's lunch soooooo... pretty fantastic!
AP Chemistry: Quality teacher, quality classmates, quality class 
AP Chemistry Lab: Despite the name, we don't actually do a lab everyday, we typically will just spend both hours in the chemistry classroom
English 11: Adorable teacher, not the best seating arrangements but they could be worse
Newspaper: Best teacher EVER, hilarious classmates, the only downside is there are four juniors and about twenty seniors, it will be better once I get to know everyone a bit better

This week, I won't really cover the rest of the days because they all resembled Tuesday quite a bit. Plus, I forgot to keep a daily record of what was going on. It really is crazy how fast you can forget four days...


  • I found out that a 65% was considered fantastic in AP chemistry (considering this class is filled with A-B students, their faces were priceless... mine included). 
  • And, not to let my boy-crazy self show through too much, but there happens to be twin (yes, TWIN) attractive guys that transferred to my school. I remember wishing that would happen when I was younger, but I never thought it really would. Now, I just have to do that thing where I actually talk to one of them, not just admire from afar... 
  • I also got to roll around the school hallways in a wheel-y chair (alright, this sounds a bit exaggerated... we basically just rolled our chairs out to the hallway to form a circle for one of those get-to-know-your-classmates games). 

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